‘Tis the Night Before … 🎄 Do You Know Where Your Merch Is?

It’s the Night Before Christmas at Spreadshop and all the merch makers are tucked away quietly in their beds waiting for Santa to arrive. Wait! Hold onto your carrots Rodulph! Just because the big holiday is here doesn’t mean the gift giving season is over. Far from it! In this episode we give you some tips and reminders to always be thinking ahead for your promotions and upcoming holiday seasons.

The gang discusses how you can start thinking ahead for the new year and beyond! We get it. You’re hooked. You’ve seen sales role in over the past weeks as your customers have shopped to their heart’s delight with their gift giving plans for the holidays. Use this recent success as a motivator. Don’t lose the momentum. There are great tips and tricks to setting up your shop for success past the holiday rush. Listen in to learn more. Also, in true MerchCast lighthearted fashion, Moose’s Uncle Frank stops by for a holiday surprise!

We hope all of our listeners enjoy the Holiday Season!

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