Top Resolutions that will help grow your audience and your sales in 2019

It’s New Year’s Eve and every year around this time people scramble to make new resolutions for the new year to lose that weight, make more money or better their life in any way they can.

This year our Merch Cast podcast crew decided to gather the top three shop owner resolutions for 2019. These are our biggest tips for motivated Spreadshop owners to really set your year off right.

Seriously, with these three big tips you can not only make your Spreadshop look 20x better, increase your sales, but also double or triple your audience. Just like any resolution you’ll have to put in a little work, and if you do we’d bet you’ll see some great rewards. Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast app!

Don’t have a Spreadshop yet?

Well you’re in luck! Spreadshop is awesome and always free. You can sign up in seconds, upload your own designs and create your own products on trusted brands like Next Level, Bella, and tons more. In fact we have over 200 products to customize and even more to come, because Spreadshop is always adding new tools and products to help our shop owners succeed and build your own brands. Sign up here.

Happy New Year from the Spreadshop gang!