UPDATE 🚀 Shop Launch Challenge 🤩 Your Chance to Win $500 with Spreadshop

This week the gang takes to the mics for a Merchcast update of all the Shop Launch Challenge happenings. The Shop Launch Challenge contest is well underway, but there is still plenty of time to join, engage, and launch your Spreadshop by Black Friday (November 23, 2018)! 🎧 🔊 Listen in and stay tuned for how dehydrated mooncakes can boost your immune system! 😉… or at least hints at an upcoming, exclusive giveaway

🤑 Stay Engaged!

Awesome communities like this don’t come around all the time, and with Shop Launch Challenge you will have exclusive access to a community of like minded “launchers” to bounce ideas and questions back and forth with. We’ve seen some great conversations there already and the interaction is great! To get involved sign-up for the contest at shoplaunchchallenge.com and we will send you a link to join our members only Facebook Group. To all of our all-star Shop Launchers: Great work! The encouragement and conversations are awesome…. and to those stuck in “Houston with a problem”, get in there and start sharing. Treat it like an open forum to brainstorm, engage and continue to get creative. There may only be one promised grand prize winner and two runner ups, but we’re all in this together to get the most out of our Spreadshop Launches… “to the Launch and beyond”!

Together we can take your Spreadshop experience “To Infinity and Beyond!” | credit: Giphy

This is your chance to convert your passions into real world cash. Cash because you may win that grand prize of $500 plus some other awesome prizes… BUT ALSO… Cash because you’ll be able to launch and manage your very own online custom merch store, fill it with designs, and share it with friends and followers, and start earning some side-money from your side-hustle. #passionproject

Launching your Spreadshop before Black Friday is the key. This is not only just one of the prerequisites to put you you into the running to with the grand prize for this Shop Launch Challenge, but more importantly it puts your Spreadshop in a great position to succeed. There is a great gift buying window with the holidays approaching which you can take advantage of if you launch a robust, design filled Spreadshop by Black Friday (Nov 23rd). It may be obvious. It may be apparent. Frankly, it’s just the smart thing to do.

🚀 By joining the Shop Launch Challenge, here’s what you’ll get:

😎 Five Days of our expert tips to help you with your Spreadshop launch

🚀 Access to our exclusive “Launchers” Facebook community

💫 “First to know” information about upcoming launch challenges

💸 Entry in a contest to win great prizes, including a grand prize of $500 cold hard cash!*

Ready for Take-Off? Want to Find Out More?

Focus on your passions, take hold of your opportunity, and sell custom t-shirts all day and night. That’s the dream. Spreadshop can make it happen. Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned pro, the Shop Launch Challenge is for you! Take those dormant dreams and do something with them. In this podcast, our Spreadshop insiders and experts are dropping knowledge on all things merch. Think of it as the ultimate guide to selling custom merchandise online. So turn it up and soak it in and get started building your very own merchandise business online for FREE with Spreadshop!

Learn how to cut out all the middlemen, sell more shirts and streamline your merch efforts. Answer that persistent question of: “What do I need in order to start selling online?” Discover how to start an online custom t-shirt business and how to build a t-shirt brand of your own. If you need that extra monetary motivation, check out the Shop Launch Challenge to see what it’s all about.

You can get your shirt business started today at Spreadshop.com . Put in the hustle and reap the rewards!

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Good Luck and happy selling!