What It Takes to Be a Winner

We’re excited to announce our very first winners of our very first “Shop Launch Challenge!” But first, a small re-cap on what the heck this is all about…

For the past month we’ve been running our first Shop Launch Challenge. wherein if you signed up at ShopLaunchChallenge.com, followed our tips to the best of your ability and launched your free Spreadshop by Black Friday, you’d have a chance to win $500 in cold hard cash and other prizes. Are you bummed that you missed this? Well, check out that link and signup for the mailing list so you dont miss the next one and get a head start in learning about all the awesome shop features we have over at Spreadshop.

We’d like to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who launched or got started in the private group. 25% of our members ended up launching a shop, and many were close but not quite ready this time but still began to learn new skills or what it takes to run your own Spreadshop. That’s super cool! To the non-winners, please stick with it and we you stay engaged with us and launch next time!

The Runner Ups!

In no particular order…


Runner Up #1: Heidi Lovebirds

Heidi did a great job of taking her passion for her lovebirds and making it into her small brand. She did her best at following our steps with her designs being a clear focus on her passion. She was engaged in the community and asking for marketing help and having fun learning along with the group. The “bird” pet niche on Instagram has huge potential for a brand based around her birds. We think with a little extra help with a Premium Design and some small advertising of her brand it could really help give her a boost for her brand! Congratulations Heidi! We can’t wait to collaborate with you on a new Premium Design!

Check out this cool shop at https://www.hahprints.com/

Runner Up #1: HahPrints.com

HahPrints.com did a great job of learning to integrate the shop with it’s own URL. They have great looking and organized designs and did a great job of using our “topics” feature to group their design into different topics. It also looks like they plan on changing up the featured seasonal designs on their site. While it’s not a very “personal” brand, we think HahPrints did such a fantastic job at showing what your free Spreadshop is capable of right out of the box! An added bonus: They utilized the Placeit.net offer we have to help with promos etc. This wasn’t something you needed to do to win, but in any case their promos looked really great and they were able to use that service to also create content for their instagram and other social media. We really feel HahPrints has a great look and potential to grow into a great side brand that people will know, and we’re happy to have the at Spreadshop and can’t wait to see their next batches of design topics.

The Grand Prize Winner

Without further adieu… we’re proud to present our first winner of the Spreadshop Launch Challenge!

Check out the gran-prize winning shop at: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/dearfutureselfxyz

“Dear Future Self”

David Burroughs II, aka DueceDot, did everything we could have asked and more. He not only has launched his own iconic feeling personal development brand, he was also engaged in the private FB community and there to encourage others with their shops too. His designs feel “iconic” in a way that even though you might not know what the infinity logo means, you’d totally wear that because it looks cool. He also gave us valuable feedback and stayed engaged through almost the entire launch period. It seemed every day he was adding a little something to build his brand, whether it was a new design, or getting ready ahead of time with his promo images.

We look forward to watching the “Dear Future Self” brand grow with Spreadshop. As an added bonus his main theme is helping entrepreneurs develop and to build up that future YOU! We think this is such a powerful theme to remember every day. Check out all DeuceDot’s social links at the top right of his shop http://dearfutureself.xyz but here he is in his own words from his Youtube channel:

Listen to us surprise David live on the Podcast!

Want to take part in the next Shop Launch Challenge?

Dear Future Launchers, we will be holding another Shop Launch Challenge in the near future! Be sure to join up for the mailing list at http://shoplaunchchallenge.com to get a head start on practicing your designs, laying out products and shop styling! Also you’ll have a chance to look into the private group to see what others have launched and learn new skills to help your brands grow. We hope to see you there!