🧡🧡🧡 You’ll Have Questions. Here Are the Answers You Need

When selling merch online in your own store, we can all benefit from a little insider know-how.

The Spreadshop insiders are always excited to field your questions. Whether you reach out via socials, forums, or chats, the team is at the ready to continue the conversation on how you can get the most out of your online merchandising efforts.

In this week’s edition of the MerchCast podcast, the team was up to the task.

The format: three hosts; three questions. Taking recent questions from the interwebs, the gang responds in this lighthearted episode.

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In case you missed it, here is what happened:

🧐 Question 1

What Is Your Favorite Spreadshop Feature?

💡💡💡Answer | Moose:

Oh wow, I mean I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE the Start Page.
It’s relatively new. It was introduced last year, and it keeps evolving and improving.
It’s just an awesome feature we see a lot of successful shops use.
Essentially, it gives you a page where your customers can enter your shop with a totally branded view of what you’re all about. It features a teaser image, an ‘About Us’ section, some product highlights — it just makes your shop feel even more like a well rounded e-commerce store.

💡💡💡Answer | DJ:

I think my answer would be… and I have a lot of things I like about Spreadshop — and I’m not just saying that because I work here, haha …
I like the Topics feature. I see a lot of shops using it well.
A local fall festival in Scottdale, PA here launched a Spreadshop and sorted their designs into topics. They started working towards a shop for the whole town and used the topics feature to sort their designs. They keep it organized with a topic for the Firefighter Department or Police Department.
It also got me thinking about HahPrints from the Shop Launch Challenge and how they could sort their seasonal designs like Christmas and Funny.
I like the idea of keeping your designs organized and grouped like that.

💡💡💡 Answer | Nate:

My favorite Spreadshop feature is my favorite because of how simple it makes everything. That would be the auto-product creation.
When you upload a design you can have it automatically placed on products, turn those products on and off, and change the colors of those products… and more.
Basically, if you upload a design you don’t have to spend a lot of time placing your designs, it will automatically be placed on the products you choose.
Say I create a new design, I can have it launched and in my shop and offered on several different products in a matter of seconds.
I just love the amount of time it saves and how it lets you focus on the more creative aspects of your Spreadshop.

🤔 Question 2. Do You Have a Favorite Spreadshop?

💡💡💡 Answer | Nate:

I’ll kick this off.
When we interviewed Amorphia Apparel on this podcast if you remember I geeked out a little bit, but yeah my favorite shop right now has to be Amorphia Apparel.
I love their theme, their designs, and their shop layout.
They’ve been around for so long and have been so consistency successful keeping their shop interesting after all of these years. They’ve been with Spreadshop longer than I have at this point.
It’s kind of neat to see how they’ve been able to be successful for so long.

💡💡💡 Answer | DJ:

The first shop that came to mind for me, is West Overton Village. It’s a local museum in PA. It’s whiskey distilling museum and historical site. It’s a pretty place. They have weddings there and stuff.
Well I’m biased, haha, as it is my fiancé’s shop and Moose did the work through Premium Design for them, haha… but I really do like the shop and how they integrated it into their website.
I like the look and feel and how it looks like part of their site. It’s just a nice shop overall.

💡💡💡 Answer | Moose:

Okay, so it’s on me now huh?
I have two favorite shops that come to mind. I like them both for their great use of the Start Page.
One, is Fit Mob which was a recent premium design shop owner as well. She uses the Start Page to showcase a really cool teaser image and ‘About Us’ section. She is out of Florida and works as personal trainer. That shop has a nice branded entry point for her customers.
The second shop is Wick’s Forge, which is a shop for a blacksmith who now works out of Maine, and he uses the Start Page as well. He actually uses a cool video in his ‘About Us’ section, which is a great addition to his Start Page.
Both of these shops for me, how they use the Start Page to brand themselves, is really cool.
You have an idea. We make it a reality. Get Premium Designs.

🧐 Question 3. Can You Guys Make a Design for Me?

💡💡💡Answer | Nate:

Well, of course! We have something called Premium Design Service.
We offer several packages based on what you are looking for.
So, check out the website and we can create pretty much anything that you would need for your Spreadshop.

💡💡💡Answer | DJ:

Big news! This is rolled out globally now as well. Which is great!

💡💡💡Answer | Moose:

From my perspective, and I think I speak for all of us… with risk of sounding too sappy… working on the Premium Design Team has been a delight.
Being able to work with creators who have great ideas… in all walks of life… all different passions… and hearing what they want on a shirt and what they want their shop to look like is a great experience.
Being able to speak with so many likeminded creators throughout the world has been pretty awesome.
These creators and shop owners are so passionate about what they do, what they are trying to create, and what they are trying to build.
It’s something special.

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