UPDATE: How to see Broadway shows in your own city

Pre-show to Beauty and the Beast

Grady O’Shea, 3/8/16

Home to many different live events over time, the Inland Northwest Bank Performing Arts Center of Spokane, Washington, has recently become Spokane’s most popular venue to see traveling hit Broadway musicals.

A Broadway musical can seem impossible to see when you consider the location, cost of travel, and overall difficulty of getting to New York City. Luckily there is another way to see these amazing shows: national tours. The entire show picks up and moves from city to city showing the performance in different venues, such as the INB.

In January 2016, the INB hosted the Book of Mormon a nine-time Tony-winning musical following a group of Mormon missionaries on their mission. Normally, this show would be extremely difficult to see for a person living in Spokane, but the INB’s enormous auditorium and expansive seating made it possible for hundreds of people to see the show.

With this incredible opportunity presented, the INB decided to bring more traveling shows in for the 2016 season than ever before.

Beauty and the Beast

The most recent show to star at the INB was the national tour of Beauty and the Beast, which ran on the nights of April 5 and 6. Performing to sold-out crowds with rave reviews, it was a massive hit with the city.

Tours may not be as popular or gross as much as a normal show on Broadway, but they are still widely seen. Here is an overview of exactly how much Broadway tours have grossed over the past 40 years.

The show, made up of traveling actors and orchestra performers, was one of the most financially successful shows that the INB had ever run. Many positive remarks concerning the auditorium were made, not only from audience members, but from the actors as well!

“I absolutely love this theater! The audience is so responsive and the acoustics are amazing and I wish we could perform here every night!” said Brooke Quintana, who played Belle in this production.

With the enormous support that the INB has gained from these past performances, Newsies, a musical set to appear in May, is expected to do very well and be just as successful. Traveling shows are one of the great ways to see a hit musical, and the INB is looking to be one of the most successful theaters in the area.

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