Public Broadcasting Opportunities at Whitworth University

Radio host and disc jockey running a radio station. Photo credit: The National Archives UK

Ayo Adedeji, 3/8/16

Radio is a very broad media outlet which reaches out to the public. It has always been an important outlet that has an impact on the foundations of the media. Radio was once not available to everyone, but due to advances in technology and the internet, it is now accessible to all. Anyone can start a radio show anytime as long as they are connected to the internet. Since radio has become accessible and free to the general public, Whitworth University has used radio to spread information, which shows that radio is an important media outlet for young people as well. The school radio station is called Whitworth FM, and is accessible to students as well as everyone in Spokane and the surrounding areas. This allows them to stay in touch with their favorite news and entertainment.

Why you should tune in to Whitworth FM

Whitworth University has made a room on campus for Whitworth FM located at the Hixson Union Building, making it easier to reach out with their ideas and talents.

‘’I know a lot of people who showcase their talents, play music and listen to Whitworth FM,’’ said sophomore Annie Mchodgkins. The radio station also broadcasts different news and is open to diverse topics and issues going on around Whitworth.

‘’I listen to Whitworth FM. It’s a very good radio station for news and people in general. It’s very open and versatile to different topics and information,’’ said sophomore Charles Ekwunah.

Whitworth FM also brings in lesser known individuals such as musician Nathan Fox, who was brought in to perform one of his songs. However, the station also invites professionals. They feature experts on certain topics to analyze people’s opinions about things going on around them or something going on in the entertainment world. This allows people to share their own opinions and perspectives about the news and issues, an important function of every media source. Whitworth FM also helps in coverage of events and news about things going on around campus and in the surrounding areas for people who aren’t physically present at an event or place, making everyone connected to things happening around them.

Whitworth FM is live every day. Tune in today and listen to their coverage of news, sports, and entertainment.

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