Registration for Fall 2016 Semester Begins

Whitworth’s fall registration will take place from the 4th of April to the 15th.

Erin Wolf, 3/8/16

Registration for the 2016 fall semester has begun in earnest this week for Whitworth students.

With that, many students find themselves with added stress and pressure to make sure that they can select the classes they need and be on track to graduate. It is not uncommon for students all across the nation to experience some stress as they wait for their registration date and hope that the classes they need don’t fill up.

This article spells out the common thought process for students going through the registration process in a humorous light. However, for the majority of students, the pressures and difficulties of finding the right classes are not anything they can just laugh about later — the classes they take now determine whether or not they are on track for their degree, and ultimately decide their future.

Unique Challenges for Whitworth Students

One of the most difficult aspects of setting up a schedule for the coming semester is making sure that the various classes do not overlap or interfere with other activities that students participate in. Sara Muscente explained one unique problem she faces when registering for classes.

“A less obvious challenge is one that is unique to me and to others on the Whitworth forensics team. We’re instructed to refrain from registering for Thursday classes because we usually leave for tournaments on Thursdays. As a biology major, this is particularly difficult to work with because there are certain labs that are only offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays, which means that I could need to take two labs in one day in addition to debate class, which is always a Tuesday/Thursday class,” Muscente said.

Junior Tommie McPhetridge, an English Education major, also faced a unique set of problems in trying to set up her schedule for the fall. “The education block is unmovable, so when you go into high school education you’re forced to plan your subject around the education classes. When you have only required subject classes left to do, taking those around the education block is hard because there’s a lot of overlap.”

This article gives some helpful tips for students to consider while signing up for classes. Whitworth students are also required to meet with their advisor prior to registering, and most advisors encourage their students to come back and talk with them several times before registering.

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