Initial Testing Phase Completed

Ending a phase, consolidating, and making adjustments to the project


During Phase1d of my project planning process I had created a list of basic tests for both the Orders and Items models. Today I began with the objective of writing these basic tests. I will try to get as many to pass as possible. This means putting aside any that I encounter that are too difficult to be dealt with at the moment (I am working on this during my downtime at the day job.


In the initial tests for Items I had listed “Should be invalid without any options” but since I don’t have any options for these items, I decided to keep it simple and not worry about adding a column to my Items table until I actually need to.

The testing phase for my current project timeline ends on 15 April 2017, so that means I have my basic Items and Orders tests objective completed. Instead of taking a break, I am going to update my project planning timeline and begin budgeting for the things that I know are coming on the horizon.


Right now, I can imagine myself writing more and more tests as development progresses and new considerations are dealt with. Therefore I will begin templating and routing to get my app running in the browser as soon as possible. This templating phase has also been budgeted lots of time, this is so that I can finish ahead of schedule and spend the extra time on the unforseen. For example, this could include debugging, or taking the time to read documentation on anything new I have to learn.

Daniel Paul Grech Pereira is a computer programmer in Toronto, Canada.

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