Saved Some Time? Use It Meaningfully!

Don’t use it an excuse to play more video games.

The post for today is very simple, but it’s a good lesson to learn and remember for every project. Today I was looking at the list of requirements for the basic flow of my app to be established.

It occurred to me that I might want to test the output of the templates. Also, I started to think of potential configurations for some of the routing/template relations.

Since I was working on my app during downtime today, this made me realise that I should probably spend some time reviewing the Rails docs, previous projects and reviewing learning material.


Before the code base for this project gets any bigger, I’d like to start implementing a form of auto documentation for this project. Perhaps the next day or two can be spent configuring and getting my existing code commented up. By then I should be able to continue the project while learning the documentation system.

The Ruby Toolbox has a good list of documentation generators:

This would be an excellent use of time during the two extra days I have left for this phase (Phase 2b was supposed to start 15 April, it’s now 13 April).

So there you have it, just a simple lesson that can be applied to virtually any project, when you feel like there are many options and want to build things right.

Daniel Paul Grech Pereira is a computer programmer in Toronto, Canada.

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