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Introducing Vembla, our first Swedish investment

Vembla is a grocery and pharmacy delivery startup from Stockholm. It is gaining popularity for its quick and flexible deliveries that are done in an environmentally friendly way. We took part in Vembla’s seed round of €1.3 million.

Vembla co-founders Sebastian Malmberg, Dino Todorovic and Sunil Dutt

Accelerated adoption of grocery delivery

According to the McKinsey report on European grocery retail, Swedish online grocery channels experienced around 100 percent growth in 2020, compared with less than 10 percent in 2019.

Although Sweden had the highest growth rate in Europe, it was a similar story elsewhere as grocery delivery platforms have been popping up across the globe.

However, many of the current solutions have not been able to keep up with the high demand — there are often long waiting times and the platforms are quite inflexible when it comes to item replacements. It is not uncommon to wait 2–3 days to get the groceries delivered and then to see an entirely different shopping bag from what was ordered. (If the stores are missing some items, then these are often replaced with an alternative of the shoppers’ own taste, or items are just left out of the bag altogether.)

Vembla’s customer-centric approach

When Vembla’s shoppers are out to assemble the shopping bag for a particular order, customers can see live how the shoppers are going about finding the items in the stores. Shoppers interact with customers if necessary and find replacement items as needed. They’ll either write through the app or just call, leaving customers delighted by this level of detail.

A Vembla shopper in action

The story so far an plans for the future

Vembla’s co-founders initially met at Antler Stockholm’s 1st cohort in October 2018. The team is growing and there are now 15+ people working full time.

The current fundraising will go towards expanding into nearby Nordic countries and creating a dark store approach which will eventually reduce delivery times to 15–30 minutes for customers near these stores.

Read further about Vembla or download their app on vembla.se.

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