The Name of “It”

Relaxing in front of the Duomo

For the first time this semester (and since we got back from Oktoberfest in the last) we woke up to find bright blue skies, a cool breeze, and la sole shining bright. It was glorious, all of us immediately cheered-up and we planned our itinerary for the day- we were going to be outside as much as possible.

As the clock stroke 12 we were on our way out, out to our favorite restaurant with our favorite people. The merry band that left Via Romana that day included some FYAs and a second-semester-abroad sophomore. We made our way past the Pitti Palace, across the Ponte Vecchio, past the Uffizi, down the alleyway past Galileo’s Museum and took a right at the little yellow arrow pointing towards the beloved trattoria. We came upon the neon blue and white sign saying “Trattoria Anita’s” and were greeted by one of the brothers that owned this family business.

We passed through the small glass door and said ciao to the other brother, who was happier than ever to see us again. Unfortunately with all of the travelling since January we have not been weekly customers like last semester, and the brothers obviously miss their weekly American Girls. We proceeded to have our favorite meal, all ordering a pasta or meat with wine and the blissful appetizer of coccole (literally meaning “cuddles”). After our stomachs were full, the pallets needed something more, and onto gelato we went.

On our way to the next stop (a tattoo parlor where one of the members of the group wished to get another piercing) we paused in the sun by the Duomo while some went to get Magnum Bars (the line for gelato was too long). In the opportunity to bask in the sunlight, one of us decided to let all of the rays soak in and, for the lack of a better term, spread her wings.

Alex “spreading her wings”

As we finished up with the Magnum stop and the tattoo parlor, we split within the group. 2 went to La Loggia (at Borgo degli Albizi) for cappuccinos, 3 went back to Via Romana, and 2 of us went on to the leather markets by the boar statue in search of a few things.

After a little bargaining, a purchase was made and scouting was completed, the 2 of us at the market went on towards home. Since we were not a part of the Magnum group earlier in the day, we stopped to get gelato, then went to the Pitti Palace to sit, eat, and people watch while sun-bathing.

After going home for a bit of a nap, 4 of us went back out to a local pizza restaurant, Gusta Pizza, to grab some pies and go sit on the Pitti Palace again. Being out there that night, looking at the stars and moon, seeing the Italian Flag waving in the apartments’ foyer, and laughing with the best of friends made us realize that the spring and summer were just beginning and that our year as FYAs was over half-way-done. With that realization soaking-in, the group came to the conclusion that they were going to make the best of what they had left and were already craving the beautiful weather ahead.

We are ready for the rest of the semesters, and ready to embrace it.

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