Be a tourist in your own City

Have you ever walked around your own city as if you were a tourist?

Are you aware of your city completely?

Do you the best street food place in your own city?

You’d be surprised how much there is to see and how little you probably
know about the place you live. In our quest for traveling to exotic
destinations, we often fail to see all that surrounds us.

Well, if you haven’t then here are 5 ways to be a tourist in your hometown and
discover the many hidden gems in your own backyard! I think if one wants to start something new then why not from your own city “Sadda Pind”.

For most people, vacation time and money are finite resources. So what can
you do if you’re interested in exploring and trying new things before your next
or ultimate vacation? So better to become a tourist in your own hometown to
get experience.

1. Choose your activities: Include a variety of activities. For instance, plan
for some outdoor activities if the weather is expected to be nice, include
some physical activities such as hiking or sports. You can also go with the
city travel guide book and start choosing those activities which sounds

Credit: David Marcu

2. Go back to the HIS-STORY: What I feel is, there are lot many people who
do not have any idea about their home town no matter how many times
you have visited those places. They may have read about the history and
tradition of their native lands in books or online but have never been
there to see or must have heard from localities. This gives you the power
to boast about how great your hometown is.

Credit: Samuel Zeller

3. Meet new people: Being a tourist means broadening your horizons.
Have you ever played the game, “Talking to Strangers”? All you need to
do is just you have to engage in a conversation with a complete stranger
somewhere while exploring your own city. Okay, this might sound a little
bit weird to just talk to someone randomly but believe me, you’ll be
surprised by how interesting some conversations can be and how they
can have a big impact on you!

Credit: Julian Gentilezza

4. Watch a sunrise and sunset of your city: Do you even know the best spot
in your hometown from where you can watch a sunrise or sunset? Well,
it’s a good time to find out. Head to location from where you can see
either. Whether it’s from a monument or rooftop, find the best vantage point and sit back and watch your city slowly being cloaked in shades of
orange. What could else be more beautiful thing?

Credit: Jon Asato

5. Khana Khazana : Food is something you will as always memorize the city
for. Like Delhi is all about the “CHAAT”. A great way to reconnect with
your local culture is eating and drinking at establishments that offer
flavours unique to your town. Find out the best street chaat or good
restaurants. If you are a foody or Chatora then you will find good
restaurant anyhow.

Credit: Google

I wouldn’t have imagined traveling and exploring more of my own city was
going to be such a great experience but it made me realize how beautiful it is.
None of these tips are particularly life-changing; you’ll be surprised by how
these simple changes to your daily life can open your eyes to new adventures.

Keep exploring. Keep learning. Stay curious.
And no matter what you are exploring whether your own city or visiting a new
country, keep discovering. At Springlr, we try to bring you close to this. Explore more fun, adventure, events, activities around you only at

Additional Credit: Madhurima Nirmal