Contrato rápido: creating an online contract management platform

Published by on behalf of the sprint master Renato Endo

Identifying opportunities to enhance the user’s experience in Contrato Rápido’s contract management platform

Time is one of the most valuable assets for small and medium-sized enterprises. The bureaucracy creating and managing contracts in Brazil directly impacts a company’s productivity. Contrato Rápido accepted the challenge of reinventing this experience into a more efficient and easy process by creating an online contract management platform.

Improving the user experience

Contrato Rápido is one of many examples of the startups taking part in the entrepreneurial wave in Brazil. Accelerated by Gema Ventures, Contrato Rápido is currently focused on increasing their current users while validating their value propositions to simplify the contract management process.

Contrato Rápido worked closely with our team to identify quick innovations that could improve the user experience inside the platform, reinforce trust, and keep the overall service attractive.

Deep-dive into the user’s quest

How can you simplify a contract process that takes many variables into consideration? How do you build trust through a virtual platform in order to manage important contract terms and payment conditions? To answer these questions, our team had to understand Contrato Rápido’s users’ journeys throughout the entire process of creating, configuring, signing, and managing the contract.

We worked side by side with Contrato Rápido to map all relevant details of this quest to guarantee the startup’s core values: ease of use, agility, high technical quality, and low cost. Some of the key insights and observations unveiled necessary improvements to communication and support with the end-user, as well as a proper alignment between the different user profiles and value propositions.

How-to’s and support channel

As a result of the sprint, we focused on enhancing the communication strategy to explain how the platform worked, using tutorial videos as guides. We identified the benefits of a proper support chat that could assist the user in answering any further questions about the service and, even further, a proper communication with the company. Regarding the contract management system, the co-creation process helped identify the different user profiles to adjust the service offers. Finally, the overall experience helped Contrato Rapido’s team to understand core concepts and tools, as well as how design thinking can be used to solve future challenges within the company.


  • User support and an interface with a simple flow it’s key to create trust with the final user to use a virtual platform for contract management.