DMCard: creating a more relevant credit solution

Published by on behalf of the sprint master Otávio Falcão

Rethinking the relationship between bank institutions & individuals and empowering DMCard with a new business model

DMCard is one of the biggest credit card companies in Brazil, with a strong presence on the private-label credit card segment. A private-label credit card is a type of revolving credit plan managed by a bank or commercial finance company for either retail or wholesale manufacturers, such as department and specialty stores. DMCard started business in 2002 as a customer loyalty program for retailers, and today this expertise is applied to big retail stores and supermarket chains across the country.

Democratizing the credit card

Recently, DMCard decided to take a new course of action to increase their clients’ portfolio beyond retail stores, creating a solution focus on the final customer and offering credit solutions nation-wide for a different range of customers with no access to financial credit.

In order to make it a reality, DMCard decided to rethink the traditional credit card model and search with consumers’ aid what they really looked for while looking for a credit solution. Our challenge was to create an amazing credit solution for general consumers that would become their first choice.

Unveiling the new customers

We decided to dig into the world of retail clients so we could understand the new customers’ behaviors with money and credit, their most important difficulties, their necessities, and their expectations. We faced a new critical point: a love & hate relationship between consumers and credit cards. The customers need these solutions but always end up having issues and frustrations related to the service when trying to interact with it.

The most important insight developed along the Sprint was hearing from the customers, especially at the co-creation sessions, about the importance of transparency when dealing with a financial service and how indispensable it is when creating a healthy, positive, and long-lasting relationship with the client.

Service Principles focused on the relationship between client and service, looking to facilitate everyday life through better financial control and encouraging credit card use in a health and sustainable way. Through numerous interviews and a co-creation session with real users, our work team was able to redesign the customer’s journey and the service workflow and find new business opportunities.

DMCard’s new way of design

The Sprint generated surprising results, from new credit approval policies to a range of online & off-line services available through a smartphone app. The close relationship and the countless interactions with clients enabled the work team to create a credit card with credit solutions that could truly facilitate the lives of DMCard’s new clients. This experience allowed DMCard to learn a new way of design: get out of the building and go understand the client’s real needs and then redesign workflows and processes.

“We had insights never thought before which changed the projects’ direction from the way we had first imagine thanks to several interactions with our clients.”

Sandra Castello, marketing manager of DMCard


  • When talking about money, all information related to the matter needs to be available in a clear way to clients so they can have financial control and autonomy.
  • Designing a new brand language for the service can transform the relationship between customer and credit card in a positive manner.
  • Designing a simple and easy-to-use process boosts customer acquisition and strengthens the service availability.