ProjectHub: developing a new experience for investors

Published by on behalf of the sprint master Mauricio Gouvea

Perfecting investors’ experience through a deep dive into their journeys

ProjectHub is one of the most innovative consulting firms in Brazil. It is a network formed by creative entrepreneurs and game-changing investors, with a shared goal of improving people’s lives and journeys.

Enhancing the investor’s experience

ProjectHub focuses its strengths on enhancing the investor’s journey by centralizing all possible interactions in ProjectHub’s online platform. The first version was launched in October 2014, and after a few months running it became more obvious that there was a need for a deeper understanding of investors’ journeys to create functionalities that were more aligned with their needs.

The challenge was how could we improve the investors’ journeys at ProjectHub to increase engagement and therefore facilitate the match between investors and available projects?

Deepening the journey’s understanding

In this project, our focus was on improving our understanding about the investors’ journeys. At first we started mapping all moments of the journey, trying to unveil all critical points and bottlenecks.

We found that investors are often represented by upper management from HR, marketing, and sustainability areas from big companies. Since such demographics have a tight schedule and almost no available time, they are constantly looking for solutions to optimize their work.

At the project selection phase, it is important to facilitate the decision-making process by offering curated solutions. In other cases, such as the project managing phase, it is fundamental to provide an online environment capable of centralizing all solutions in just one place.

Several different solutions were developed throughout the journey, but the Sprint focused more on the project’s selection and management phase.

Dashboard 2.0 — A new online experience

Sprint results have already made an impact on the refinement of the platform. The better understanding of the investors’ journeys allowed ProjectHub to focus its strength and effort on finding solutions that are more relevant to the second phase. New functionalities were designed which are already being implemented.

These new solutions facilitate the managing process of ProjectHub by optimizing the investors’ time, allowing them to find important information in an online dashboard in addition to receiving status reports through email. The new platform will also benefit entrepreneurs, allowing them to reveal information regarding their projects in a faster and more practical way.

“The Sprint allowed us to expand our comprehension regarding next steps and future investments that are aligned with the user’s priorities instead of the entrepreneur’s intuition.”

Lucas Foster, founder & executive director of ProjectHub


  • Reliance is important to establish a relationship with an investor.
  • A platform needs to offer agility and easiness to optimize investors’ time.
  • There are many phases that need innovations to reduce stress and time-consumption.