Quirovibe: making chiropractic care more safe and convenient

Published by SprintMaster.co on behalf of the sprint master Julio Boaventura

Demystifying information about the practice and designing a better service

Chiropractic is a health profession that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders, and the effects of these disorders on general health. Despite having the first training school founded in 1897 in the United States, the first graduation course in Brazil was created in 2000. The clinic Quirovibe was founded in 2015 by two chiropractors working in São Paulo city.

Making an exclusive attending place feasible

The clinic began its activities in a place shared with a professional from a different industry. After she left, Quirovibe partners faced a deadlock that could end the activities of the clinic. To avoid this, it was necessary to cover the full cost of the place. The challenge was to attract and retain a minimum number of customers to make it feasible.

Chiropractic, a necessary practice but little known

Since there was a strong indication that the practice was not well-known, we formulated an interview script which also let us understand users’ behavior on similar health services such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, massotherapy, and others.

After ethnography was done, two main points caught our attention: the lack of general information, and the fear related to chiropractic services. Part of the fear was directly linked to lack of information, and in some cases was due to adjustments procedures that cause ‘cracking noises’ in the neck and spine.

To our surprise, most of the respondents said they needed this type of service after getting an explanation about what chiropractic care is and how it could be applied.

During the co-creation session we focused on two kinds of solutions: how to communicate & better inform new users, and how to enhance the experience of the service as a whole so we could successfully retain them.

More efficient communication and attention to the patient from beginning to end

The main solutions developed throughout the process of expanding the communication capacity of Quirovibe clinic. Offering more convenience on service usage, increasing safety & credibility through a customized service, and adding more feedback points to increase the perception of value would decrease the service abandonment rate at critical moments of the user’s journey.

During the sprint we learned that health & well-being services require a great deal of awareness and care towards potential users before, during, and even after the service abandonment moments. Therefore empathy, care, and constant feedback are essential for a good experience throughout the entire journey.

“The sprint helped us to understand more about the treatment process. We noticed that small details can make a big difference in the final result and the evolution of the clinic.”

Daniela Kitamura, Co-founder of Quirovibe


  • Convenience (like location, parking, flexible agenda, payment options, etc.) is key for keeping patients’ loyalty in big cities.
  • People like attentive doctors that inspire safety and credibility.
  • It’s very hard for an ordinary user to keep the treatment on the long term and almost no one searches for it preventively.
  • Generally, people search for this kind of treatment when they are in pain and other traditional treatments failed. As soon as they realize some improvement, they drop it out.
  • Someone that has just heard about chiropractic care usually has a lot of fear about the treatment.
  • During the interviews, it was easy to notice the lack of knowledge and confusion that people made between chiropractic care and other similar practices.