UAU-Fi: enriching its CRM with Retail Analytics

Published by on behalf of the sprint master Bruno Ferreira

Rethinking UAU-Fi’s approach and sell strategy to improve their client’s CRM matching their customer’s needs

UAU-Fi is a Wi-fi Media company established in the countryside of São Paulo in the city of Araçatuba. Founded as a spin-off of a hardware company, UAU-Fi is the preferred solution in the region with a base of 60,000 users connected to the internet through its over 90 hotspots.

UAU-Fi Repositions Itself as the CRM Partner for Small and Medium Businesses

For the last few years, UAU-Fi has grown functionalities organically around its CRM core through the lean process. Addressing the unique selling proposition for each of the company’s client profiles became a blurry attempt after a lot of learning, testing, and adapting. It took away focus from their main objective — helping their clients on decision-making regarding customer needs and relationship management.

To realign the company’s main objective to their true CRM nature, we had to identify how each of the functionalities addressed each client group’s profiles and needs. We set the following challenge for this: to present, train, and encourage the use of UAU-Fi’s solution by its clients (retailers) so they can improve their relationships with their customers, using the service to its fullest potential in each case.

Creating Lifetime Relationships with Customers

CRM’s main principle and one of the main goals is to know more about its clients. This couldn’t be different in the Service Design Sprint. One of the main obstacles in the beginning of the process was breaking a lot of paradigms established along the years and reinforced by product (hardware) oriented business models.

After the members of the working team had understood the service design principles, all the insights, interactions, demands, and information received since the company’s foundation and during the sprint days seemed to fit in place, which made it a very rich experience.

We then analyzed the experiences provided to their retail clients from two different perspectives: Wi-Fi connectivity services and CRM services providing an in-depth analysis of pre-sales, sales, and post-sales moments. Together with the service heroes and the company’s team members, we could understand how to improve UAU-Fi’s offline retail analytics and redesign the service journey to match their goal of being the CRM solutions choice among small and medium retail businesses.

From Hardware Provider to CRM Full Service Provider

The Sprint Build Backlog’s top initiatives focused on redesigning the client experience during the service setup, and providing support to ease sharing and learning in clusters. The analytics experience was also redesigned with enhanced dashboard usability based on an intuitive design which provides useful and relevant business opportunity hints. The Sprint has also shown a huge opportunity in the lack of support for countryside micro-entrepreneurs looking for ways to implement client relationship management techniques.

“I wish I had gone through this process before. It would have helped me save a lot of time, money and effort.”

Rodrigo Antunes, CEO of Uau-fi


  • Wi-fi media companies lack cross-selling options to gain space among retailers, being always compared to mere ineffective interactive media opportunities. Retailers are more likely to choose simple Wi-fi providers.
  • Supporting clients on their decision making towards their customers is a huge opportunity to make your own solution be used entirely and to also keep alive the business bond with your clients, extending their lifetime value.
  • On our days, innovation can be developed no matter the environment. UAU-Fi was a great example how impactful small city companies can be, never mind if it’s for a huge industry dinosaurs or to SMBs.