(Almost) End of Season One: Retrospective

Season One of Sprints & Milestones is very quickly coming to a close. We started this project thinking eight episodes with a final episode to tie them all together would work well. Wow, now we need to record that final episode! And we should probably start planning Season Two as well. Maybe we need a PM. Well, we do need your help.

Send Your Questions
Our final episode in Season One will be a Q&A format. We’d love for you to send us your project leadership questions. No topics are off the table (as long as it’s related to, you know, the stuff we actually discuss on the show). If you’ve got something good or challenging to ask and you want a little perspective from us, send it our way.

Send Us Your Feedback
We’re planning Season Two. We’re thinking that it’ll be interview-based, but clearly focused on leadership and project management. How does that sound? What types of folks would you like to hear from? Send us your recommendations, ideas, and topics and help us to make Season Two the jam.

Share Sprints & Milestones
We’re pretty happy about with how the show has done so far, but we want to grow. If you have ideas for us or are willing to share the podcast with your circles, we’d really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

Ways to get in touch, send ideas, and questions: Email and Twitter


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