Episode 6 — We Are Honest, Always

Sprints & Milestones
Jun 7, 2018 · 17 min read
“Honesty Always” by Greg Storey
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Show Notes

Everyone who works with us, clients and partners included, trust us because they know that we’ve got their best in mind when guiding process and decisions. We don’t cover up mistakes; we illuminate them with the intent of not repeating it. We stay transparent when it comes to scope, budget, and timeline changes. We resolve conflict by remaining neutral and honest about causes and solutions. We truly believe that the truth always prevails, and we champion that in all interactions and communications.

In episode six of Sprints & Milestones, your hosts talk through the hesitation, challenges, and clear benefits of being completely honest when it comes to project challenges, mistakes, and straight-up issues. Get ready for stories with so-so outcomes, and ideas on why honesty is important in business no matter your role. Here are a few topics covered in the episode:

  • Delivering bad news
  • Bracing yourself for the worst response
  • How others view transparency, and how that can affect you (or how you’re viewed)
  • The positive impacts honesty can have on project teams
  • Dealing with scope (and money) and the uncomfortable conversations related to change, or even unexpected increases in project budgets needed

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Transcript: Episode 6

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