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Introducing Spriteville

A Mobile Canvas For Dynamic Art

Spriteville lets you create art that moves

Art is the ichor of culture.

Art tells our stories, memorializes our past, portends our future, warns us when we go off course, and propels us forward. Art makes us smile, laugh, cry, empathize, understand, remember, and dream.

Great art abounds in nature, in caves, in our museums, galleries, buildings, and cities; in our parks, schools, and neighborhoods.

The greatest art, however, is the art within you.

Whether it’s a quick sketch, a funny doodle, a rich composition, a witty comic, the art you create is special because it is personal, original, and authentic. Every piece adds to the masterpiece of your life.

Spriteville’s hope is to nurture the art within all of us.

Spriteville keeps composition close by — within the reach of your pocket — providing a mobile canvas that is instantly available whenever inspiration strikes. Instead of canned selfie effects and trendy style transfer filters your friends have already seen, Spriteville lets you paint with physics giving you the power to quickly create one-of-a-kind animations where drawings, photos, videos, text and emoji magically interact as dynamic “sprites”.

“Wheatfield with Crows” animation task made in 45 seconds. Composing with a palette of physics-based sprites lets you quickly create dynamic art that imparts whimsy, character, and personalization beyond static photos, videos, or GIFs.

We started our Spriteville odyssey way back in 2014 with the engineering quest to make animating with mobile digital ink as quick, easy, and expressive as typing.

Along the way, we constantly grappled with hardware, software, and user interface challenges including small touch screens, finite canvas areas, and the limited availability of depth data.

Today, after years of struggle, countless iterations, and numerous patent-pending inventions, we’re excited to finally bring you Spriteville 1.0!

We hope Spriteville helps you entertain friends and family, express your stories, explain your opinions, elevate your messages, and extol your love.

We hope Spriteville helps you create dynamic art that moves the world.

Be creative.
Be original.
Be authentic.
Be yourself.

Thank you for inspiring us with your interest, insight, and ideas.

Team Spriteville



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