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Welcome Spritz — the world’s most refreshing corporate card

Today I’m excited to launch Spritz: the world’s most refreshing corporate card.

Every company in the world has expenses but no one likes doing them. We’re here to change that.

The Spritz corporate card is available to everyone in your company, from your intern to your CEO. It allows everyone to buy what they need to get their job done, while giving fine-grained spending controls to finance teams.

No longer treat your employees like a line of credit, especially those who can least afford it. I’ll be writing more about this later but in the meantime shout out to Stacy-Marie Ishmael.

Your expense policy is no longer some amorphous document hidden in an internal wiki. It’s written into your corporate card itself. Define spending limits by individual, team or category and let people get on with their jobs.

After every purchase the cards make it easy for us to automatically categorize an expense and our iOS and Android apps prompt your employees for their receipts. No more chasing Gary from accounts!

We’re not only cutting down the red tape for making approved purchases, we’re saving time. On average we’re able to cut the time to reconcile an expense from 45 days down to less than 2 hours. 2 hours!

We’re not just building another corporate card product. We’re building a platform. Our first app is for expense management but we have plans for many more, each uniquely placed to make it easy for the business to empower teams around spending: from IT to payroll, from health & wellness to learning & development.

It’s free to sign up for your first card to try it out, and priced to make it easy to roll out to organizations big and small.

Check out our website and signup here.

Ned & Tim & the Spritz team



The world’s most refreshing corporate card

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