Sprout Solutions in 2015

by Naysan Albaytar

New software updates and features, new clients, new members in the team — these are just some of the key highlights of Sprout in the year 2015.

In its goal to continue to find technological solutions to the changing needs of Philippine businesses, Sprout has been able to create some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. The year 2015 has seen a significant amount of growth in the company.

Improved features

The year 2015 is a milestone year for Sprout. It saw the company finally achieving 100% automation from biometrics to payout, eliminating the entire manual work involved in computing employee pay and making the whole system completely automated. For Philippine businesses, this translates to faster and on-time payroll processing, fewer people needed to do the job, and increased savings on overhead cost.

Sprout has also created and added new and improved dashboards and analytics for its HR Hub clients. Here are some of the new features in these dashboards:

  • Everything is already in one place. Sprout has improved navigation experience by allowing users to not do a lot of navigation in the first place. Users have their own window that contains all their vital information — leave credits, attendance records, etc. Everything that needs to be done, from filing leaves and making requests, can be done from that single window.
HR Hub’s Employee Dashboard
  • Resolving attendance conflicts has become easier, too. Forgetting to file a leave, an OT, or an OB is no longer a problem. All these will reflect in the user’s resolution center, which works like a personal online assistant telling users which issues they need to handle.
Presenting the easy breezy Resolution Center!
  • There’s no missing an important date ever again. The new dashboards have a comprehensive calendar that will show users all the important dates in the company.
Let’s celebrate!
  • Appealing new features for managers: (1) managers are now provided with an overall view of their team’s attendance status — who’s late, who’s on leave, etc.; (2) there is now one place for all pending approvals, with all information already in there to help managers decide whether to approve or deny — all in just one click; and finally, (3) all data can be downloaded and printed for quick report generation and presentation.
Manager’s Dashboard: Check your team’s status and growth!
Managers, approve requests real-time — with a single click!

Significant customer growth

This year, as Sprout formally launched its suite of business software, a product of more than 5 years of hard work, it was met with a 300% customer growth. Added to its existing line-up of customers are Rappler, Xurpas, and Flatworld, among others. And with its 100% client retention rate, its customer line-up is expected to grow even further.

This year saw Sprout joining the first ever digital HR event in the Philippines, the HR Technology Fair. It has also partnered with Rappler in this year’s Social Good Summit, where Sprout Managing Director Patrick Gentry proposed the proper integration of private companies and the government to improve the payroll and HR woes faced by Philippine businesses today.

This year, the company was also able to make an entry into two of its target markets: the BPO and the food & hospitality industries.

Strengthened Support

With a growing number of customers and with new software features continuously being introduced, Sprout understands that support will be needed now more than ever in order to ensure that it will be able to provide more value to its clients.

Support is what makes the business works, and Sprout is making it a key part of its operation. According to Managing Director Patrick Gentry, “We aim to provide the best customer support in the market, and we treat each of the employees we assign to use our systems as our client — we listen to what they need and we take note of their feedback so we can continue to improve our solutions.”

Sprout has made support easily accessible to all its clients by dedicating a software tutorial page on its site, which contains helpful videos, an easy-to-understand FAQs section, and an email/feedback form that makes it accessible to customers. Sprout also has a new head of Support to ensure that all customer concerns are attended to at the soonest time possible.

Growing team

Sprout’s A-Team celebrating their victory in solving Jacoba’s case! #teambuilding2015

This year, as Sprout continues to grow, it also saw a 50% growth in its team as it welcomes the addition of new key members. Joining co-founders Patrick Gentry and Alexandria Agbayani-Gentry and Head of Development Jeinz Hernandez are the following:

Tomas Kebla, previously in Finance and Private Equity business, is now helping Sprout grow its customer line-up as Head of Sales.

Bernice Locsin is bringing in her experience in handling multi-million peso accounts to Sprout as Head of Support.

Tiffany Mallillin, an events organizer and marketing socialite from Hong Kong, now applies her expertise in Sprout as Head of Marketing.

The company expects its team to continue to grow as it comes up with more solutions for Philippine businesses.

A lot more for 2016

As the new year approaches, Sprout has announced it has a variety of projects and updates planned for 2016. It will be launching more features to revolutionize HR and payroll in the Philippines, and it is planning key integrations in its existing software to enhance their capabilities and make the life of customers even easier.

  • Sprout is currently working on a partnership with some of the insurance companies in the Philippines to make saving an easier option for employees in all levels.
  • Aside from this, plans are also being made with regards to integration with an accounting software. This will further grow the product line-up of Sprout and enable it to address more of the needs of Philippine businesses.

Sprout has a lot more in store for Philippine businesses this year. And with its achievements in 2015, it looks on track in its mission to make the Philippines home to world-class local software.

If you’re an entrepreneur ready to streamline your business processes and consolidate your resources this 2016, why don’t you check our business solutions to see if they’ll match your needs? Try Payroll Pie or HR Hub on a free trial and experience the power of Sprout in your business!

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