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SPYCE.5 partners with SoonLabs

SoonLabs and SPYCE.5, two of the most experienced enterprise teams in the IOTA ecosystem, announced a partnership to take advantage of the synergy of their technologies and teams to deliver on the promise of Web3 and win the race toward institutional adoption.

The partnership includes plans for decentralized infrastructure, business development alliances, private enterprise verses, fiat to $SOON conversion for enterprise, and future service module support. The partnership aims to eliminate major roadblocks for partners and enterprise customers and make it easier for organizations to adopt Web3 products.

Holger Köther, Co-Founder SPYCE.5 “I would call myself a ‘Soonaverse enthusiast’ since the first announcement and launch of the platform - and the enthusiasm only increased over time. The team excels in what they are doing and has a clear vision of how to deliver its next-generation web3 services to the market. By joining forces, we can bring the expertise, resources, and vision together to empower community and enterprises to fully realize the potential of blockchain technology. Together, we can pave the way for innovation and disruption. We are not just driving the adoption of blockchain technology, but also shaping the future of the industry and society as a whole.

Song Choi (Shonuff), Co-Founder SoonLabs “We are so excited to finally reveal that our two teams have been collaborating closely over the last few months. Our shared technological vision of a decentralized future, our collective efforts with enterprise, and our combined team capabilities have created one of the most consequential ventures in IOTA today. We are excited to reveal even more of the progress we have accomplished in the coming months. This is just the beginning.

Read more details about the partnership in the recent SoonLabs announcement.

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We believe in the positive impact of decentralized, sustainable technologies on our economy and society. Our mission is to make the benefits of this new technology easy to use for everyone, but also to promote responsible usage.

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