Four Simple “root-growing strategies” that you can do right now.

Photo By Francesco Gallarotti via Unsplash

With a myriad of duties and responsibilities, our fast-paced culture leaves us little room to take a breather. Finding time for God’s Word seems like a task in and of itself. Here are four simple ways to grow your roots and meditate on God’s Word:

1. In your commute time

Technology has made it easier than ever to access God’s Word. Podcasts, audio bibles, and bible apps are simple and convenient ways to get your daily bread in. The Bible Gateway App is a great place to start, with multiple translations, references and even has an audio bible. Best of all, it’s free!

2. In your meal time

If you’re having one of those days where you’d much rather eat alone than with your colleagues, why not use that time to catch up on your devotions. A chapter over lunch is a refreshing midday breather in the midst of the hustle.

3. In your exercise time

Play a podcast during your next run or let worship music fill your head as you pull your next rep. You’ll be building your physical and spiritual muscles at the same time, plus the time goes faster.

4. In your free time

The fact is we’ll make time for things we believe are worth it. If there’s no time, we’ll find it. You’ve done it for that new favourite TV show, no reason you couldn’t do it for God’s Word.

No root grows overnight, it’s a daily process. It’s about consistency, not a crash course. The goal is not clocking time, but quality time. Don’t forget to have a conversation with God after meditating on His word.

Can you think of other ways you can get time with God? Why not try doing it this week?

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