Going deep — What a tree can teach about a spiritual life.

Photo By Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

Oak trees are strong, immoveable monoliths standing firmly on the ground they are planted in. Their roots run deep, providing nutrients and stability that causes the tree to flourish. But the roots of an oak stem from one single root called a taproot. And the deeper the taproot goes, the bigger the oak gets.

A strong spiritual lifestyle has a similar parallel. Doing many activities does not necessarily make a strong Christian. There’s one thing that, if focused on, will provide the nourishment and stability our spirits need to grow. That spiritual taproot is none other than the Holy Spirit.

Just as the other roots spring from the taproot, so the Holy Spirit brings to life the Word of God as we read and study it. It is the Holy Spirit that speaks to our heart when we’re listening to God’s Word, reveals Truth as we read God’s Word, helps us review God’s Word, and empowers us to live God’s Word.

Getting the Holy Spirit involved is as simple as asking a friend for help or advice and giving them room to actually do it. And just like a taproot to the oak tree, the deeper we let the Holy Spirit into our lives, the bigger and stronger we will grow.

Think about how you’ve meditated this week. Did you give the Holy Spirit room to speak?

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