Growing right

Photo By Neslihan Gunaydin via Unsplash

Check out some interesting photos of #favouritetreenearme! Have you ever tried to grow your own plant? One magic ingredient to make plants grow better, healthier and stronger, is fertiliser. However, if fertiliser is used in the wrong way, it can kill plants faster, leaving them far worse than they were. Using good things in the wrong way can lead to really bad results. Same goes with how we meditate on God’s Word.

Context is key.

This verse is inspiring and encouraging! There’s only one problem: The person who said this was actually the devil. And bowing down and worshiping him is never a good idea.

One tip for meditating on God’s Word correctly is to make sure you are reading the verse(s) in their context. A simple way to check for context is to:

  1. Read a few verses before and after the verse you’re studying.
  2. Ask yourself some questions like:
  3. Who is speaking?
  4. Who are they speaking to?
  5. What is the main point of this passage?

Putting verses in their right context not only gives you a greater understanding of what’s happening, but it also prevents you from misunderstanding scripture.

As you continue to meditate on God’s Word, Psalm 1 or others this week, remember to look for the context.

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