Jesus is not your domestic helper.

Photo By Verne Ho via Unsplash

Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” 
— Matthew 6:9 | ESV

Picture this: you’re on your way to church, the band was playing your favourite Christian song. You high-five the Most High. The preaching was good, and you can’t wait for the pastor to get that last ‘Amen’ out. You leave and go about your life, knowing you’ll be doing this little ritual again next week.

Here’s the problem: While you have unprecedented access to God through Jesus, do you really know what to do with it? How often do you treat God like a domestic helper instead of a Divine Ruler? He is your Father, yes, but He is first and foremost, Holy.

Holy means to set apart- to regard with honour, reverence, respect. To understand that His way is highest and that He has the last say. He is a King with a Kingdom that you are a part of. You are no ordinary citizen, you are of His House, under His protection and provision. You carry His Name. And while you can enter His Presence freely, you can either bend your knee or stiffen your neck. Because holiness is not about how dignified you are, but rather, how you dignify Your Father in Heaven.

Ask the Holy Spirit today to show you how you can honour God as the Holy One.

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