What does a phone, an anniversary and a parking lot have in common?

Photo By Tim Gouw via Unsplash

What does a phone, an anniversary and a parking lot have in common? They are simple, crucial things that can send you into a panic if you forget them. Whether it’s your keys, your wallet, or your spouse’s birthday, nothing can send you into mental and emotional dread faster than forgetting something important.

Scripture is no different. Have you ever glossed over a verse because ‘you knew that already’? Do you remember how that verse or story went accurately, or is it kind of a blur?

Men employ a “triple-tap” before they leave the house to avoid forgetting keys, wallets and phones. So here’s a spiritual “triple-tap” to help your remember your favourite verses on the go:

*Tap 1* — Memorise

Take a verse and read it over and over until you can remember what it really says. Start with something simple like John 11:35 or Psalm 1:3

*Tap 2* — Write it out

Write or type it out several times to reinforce what you’ve memorised.

*Tap 3* — Recite out loud

Hearing yourself say the verse out loud not only jogs your memory, but it’s declaring God’s Word over your life.

Open a notes app or journal and write out your favourite verse. Have you thought about how each word impacts you? Write down your thoughts underneath.

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