SQQUID and Management One launch a strategic partnership

Ron Peled
Ron Peled
Feb 19 · 2 min read

Los Angeles, CA and Tucson, AZ — SQQUID and Management One are excited to announce a new strategic partnership between the two companies. The partnership is designed to better serve the needs of our common customers, namely brick-and-mortar retailers who sell their products in stores and online. Combined together, the solutions offered by SQQUID and Management One provide a full spectrum of in-store and online services and technology to succeed in today’s challenging and rapidly changing retail environment.

Helping retailers thrive

From a broad menu of options available from the two firms, retailers can deploy highly-customized solutions that are tailored to their circumstances. SQQUID helps you sell more products across more online channels and in your store(s) through powerful online merchandising tools and a highly reliable, scalable platform. Its fulfillment and shipping automation tools help you deliver orders to your customers faster and cheaper, boosting your margins and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Management One offers solutions for inventory management that leverage artificial intelligence and the power of big data to predict what your customers want, what they’re willing to pay, and when they’re ready to buy. With their Retail ORBIT technology platform, independent retailers can take advantage of powerful predictive analytics that has previously been reserved for the biggest retailers. They enable you to spot emerging trends, measure and benchmark your performance, and build customized inventory plans that are up to 94% accurate.

And with direct integrations directly into your POS, both solutions offer seamless deployments and streamlined operations.


SQQUID helps brick-and-mortar retailers of all sizes manage their online channels. We know that omnichannel retail can be a daunting challenge, so our technology enables users to seamlessly grow sales and manage fulfillment across different channels. We deliver tools that are affordable and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated; designed to future-proof retailers against rapid shifts in technology and e-commerce trends. For more information about Sqquid’s Omnichannel Sales Automation, please visit sqquid.com.

About Management One

Management One delivers data-driven merchandise planning via passionate retail experts. We help business owners all over the world reach new levels of success. Complementary to our experts, our Retail ORBIT technology platform harnesses the predictive power of 30 years’ worth of real store data to help retailers ask the right questions, get relevant answers and build accurate, actionable plans. For more information and to schedule a consultation, visit management-one.com.


SQQUID multi-channel sales automation helps retailers grow…

Ron Peled

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Ron Peled

CEO of Sqquid: A better way to connect your POS/ERP to online channels. Helping CTOs become the best leaders and grow amazing teams. Always learning…



SQQUID multi-channel sales automation helps retailers grow sales and cut order processing and shipping costs across multiple store locations and online channels.

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