Major updates to SQQUID’s Merchandising feature are now live

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Los Angeles, CA — At SQQUID, we’re all about helping retailers grow their online sales and from countless discussions with our customers we understand that merchandising is one of the most important parts of their online strategy. That’s why we invest heavily in developing best-in-class merchandising solutions. As one of our customer’s case study shows, SQQUID’s Merchandising feature has already proven to be an indispensable tool for retailers.

“SQQUID Merchandising helps us generate more online sales by enabling us to launch new products faster and by making it easy to change products in response to market conditions. The simplicity of its interface also reduced our operating costs by replacing complex import/export spreadsheets and eliminating the need for dedicated merchandising personnel.”

Daniel Kahalani, CEO, DNA Footwear

Merchandising is one of the key pieces of the omnichannel retailing solution that SQQUID delivers to our customers and today we are pleased to announce a major set of improvements to this already powerful feature.

SQQUID connects Runit POS to a multitude of online sales channels and delivers tools to help retailers grown online sales and reduce sales and fulfillment operations costs

Merchandising, YOUR way

We know that deploying a new merchandising system or switching from your old one to SQQUID can be a challenge, especially for retailers who already have certain established processes that they’d like to retain. That’s why we’ve made our system as flexible as possible to make sure that we can accommodate virtually any merchandising workflow.

New customers who have existing stores on Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento, can deploy SQQUID seamlessly, without having to make drastic process changes which can involve system reconfigurations, staff retraining and online store adjustments. SQQUID is now designed to adjust to YOUR workflow, not the other way around.

Advanced product field configurations

Who hasn’t made a silly mistake with Excel import/export spreadsheets? We all have! We’re humans and humans make mistakes. That’s why, when we built our product catalog editor, we aimed to not only eliminate the dreaded import/export spreadsheets, but to fix all of their shortcomings to ensure that we deliver a 100% reliable tool that safeguards your catalog against user errors. The following features from SQQUID do exactly that, and more:

· Field-level data validation ensures that proper information is typed into each field to help guard against typos and data type mistakes.

· Product-level create/update flags help build sophisticated rules on how new products in the catalog should be handled by SQQUID.

Want to know more about how SQQUID helps you get rid of endless and time-consuming import/export operations? See more details about our Merchandising feature

Sync and field mapping enhancements

Several catalog and inventory enhancements now help retailers have better control over the synchronization of their products between their POS/ERP and their online stores. Whatever your preferred merchandising process is, SQQUID can support it:

· Merchandise all products on all channels using SQQUID

· Merchandise only some products using SQQUID and ignore others

· Have SQQUID sync only inventory levels while keeping product details unchanged

· Have SQQUID create products automatically from POS data, but merchandise using an online channel like Shopify

· Exclude certain products from some of your online channels but not for others

· Set default sync options for new products

· Define product matching schemas between POS/ERP and online channels

And many more… (contact us and we can discuss it)

UX improvements

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our users! (i.e. the people actually tasked with making changes to the product catalogs)

To help retailers become more efficient merchandisers, we have added en masse merchandising features like copy-and-paste of item attributes and group edits.

Spreadsheet-like user interface custom built to help retailers merchandise online easier, faster and more efficiently

Instead of scrolling through dozens of columns, users can now select the columns they want to see and hide the ones they don’t.

And last, but not least, our catalog search now features advanced search options to help users quickly find the products they are looking for.


At SQQUID, we help brick-and-mortar retailers of all sizes thrive, in-store and online. We know that omnichannel retail can be a daunting challenge, so our technology enables users to seamlessly grow and manage sales across different channels. We deliver tools that are affordable and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated; designed to future-proof retailers against rapid shifts in technology and e-commerce trends.

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