Quick Sessions, Backups, & Emails

Oh my!

Zachariah Moreno
Aug 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Following last week’s update, we received super positive feedback about the Past & Future of Scheduling in SquadCast. Scott Bradley, host of the Hellbent for Horror Podcast, & Emily Elmquist, co-host of the Beauties & Headcanons Podcast, both provided valuable feedback & ideas to make Schedule even better.

Quick Session

The new scheduler for “future” and “past” seems good, but what about “present”? I say this because I couldn’t find a quick record button to start a session on the fly without having something scheduled — Scott Bradley, host of the Hellbent for Horror Podcast

Thanks Scott & Emily! Your feedback lead our team to design & develop a new Quick Session button that automates the scheduling process & joins you to the session immediately.

We’ve also fixed a nasty bug that could remove Recordings from Past sessions if edited after recording, huge thanks to Nick Snapp, host of the Make it Snappy Podcast, for bringing this to our attention.

Request Backups

Backups recordings are a safety net for our Hosts & Guests that ensures Recordings are always captured. The process for requesting them has always been the typical Chat with our Team. We ask some questions to maintain privacy & to help inform the retrieval, but we saw an opportunity to expedite the process even more.

We’ve added a Request Backups button right within the Recordings panel. Clicking it opens a dialog where we ask for some contextual info that’ll help us move faster. Once submitted, a support ticket is opened with our team that is pre-populated with the session info, no need to copy & paste the Session ID into Intercom. We typically turn around a request for backups within a few hours & this update will help speed up the retrievals even more.

Session Invite & Update Emails

Eric Hunley, host of the Unstructured Podcast, requested that we send Hosts a copy of the Session invitation emails that we’ve always sent to Guests. We happily rolled out this minor change, but it started to cause some confusion when Hosts began using the emails to join the Session. Guests have a slightly different invite URL than Hosts & this lead to the need for a more tailored email experience. We seized the opportunity to not only fix the issue, but to add value in other ways. Thinking deeply about how Hosts were using the new Schedule to manage their Sessions, we decided to not only tailor email invites to Hosts & Guests, but to also send emails when a Session is updated. This ensures everyone stays in sync & that all calendar events stay up-to-date as the Host dials in the Session details.

Quick Sessions, backups requests & email invites are just a few examples of how SquadCast listens to ideas from our Hosts & builds on the best of them. If you’re interested in seeing & hearing how real podcasters record remote interviews, schedule a demo with us today.


Remote Interviews for Professional Podcasters

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