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The Traits Investors Use to Evaluate the Coachability of Entrepreneurs

Humility: Your Response to Tough Questions

  • Have you thought about doing it this way?
  • Why are you doing it that way?
  • What factors led you to making this decision?
  • What’s stopping someone else from doing what you’re doing?

Openness: Your Willingness to Learn

  • What’s the tone when the entrepreneur asks questions?
  • How does the entrepreneur ask for and respond to feedback?
  • How does the entrepreneur respond to new and different ideas?
  • Does the entrepreneur respond negatively, defensively, or passive aggressively?

Vulnerability: Your Ability to Reflect

  • What’s the hardest thing you ever had to go through in your career?
  • When have you failed?
  • How did your failure affect you?
  • What is something that you will always do differently in the future?

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Margaret Roth Falzon

Margaret Roth Falzon

COO at Squadra.VC. Columnist at Technical.ly Baltimore. Trying to be here now.