Anita (S2S-004) in 2017

Sponsored by Bert Graham of Saskatchewan, Canada

“My favorite food is Veg Sandwich. Doremon is my favorite cartoon. English is my favorite subject. I want to be a Teacher when i grow up.if i could go anywhere in the world on vacations i would go to my home town in Bihar. My favorite day ever was my first day at Carmel Convent School. It was dream come true. If i am granted one wish now i would wish to become a Teacher. The best gift ever received was a Watch,Now do things on time. The biggest challenge faced in my life was when my father died. My Teacher is my role model because they teach me all good things. If i could celebrate my next birthday i would celebrate at my place at home with family and friends.I want to be a Teacher and a social worker, this is what i need most in life.”