Burned in Time

“Waves” Life with fearlessness would be shamefully easy
Achievement of this is impossible for me
you do one thing wrong, and that’s the end.
As a teen you pay your way to everything.
Was it my choice to be so solemn and shameful?
“You’re sick she said”
What’s family for.

“Rock Stars Don’t Sell T’N’T”
What’s a band without a manager?
A publicist?
American Idol’s my ultrasound
First releases are incubators
Sophomores are managed.
So how does a band blow up without playing the game?
Talent doesn’t measure success
success doesn’t measure talent
Why do great artists burn up in the atmosphere on the way down to the stage?
Poof onto the radio
Poof onto success
But without
You’ll never make it.
Rock stars don’t blow up on their own
Rock stars don’t sell tnt
but their managers do
the radio does
TV does
But we don’t.


“In My Dreams”
Forever tossing and turning about
“What if?”
“What if?”
“What if?”
What if you and me
could live as neighbors in harmony?
What if every broken bone issued from authority or bullies or mean spirits
could be taken away and replaced with love for a minority
or love for all eternally and fully or a government where we don’t fear it
Harmony and love would be much too easy
for a society where money talks and heart is measly
your possessions own you
and any government knock
or insulting rock
thrown through the windows of your soul breaks you
and if you have depression or anxiety you’re spit on too
if you were born a different color, gender, sexuality, or belief system
you can’t stick with the big ones you can’t seek relief with’em
your skin’s too dark
your hair’s too bright
you’re too loud at the park
“You’re gay? You’ll never see the light”
so why strive for a world with no governing
when we’ve got one now that just won’t stop hovering
looking over your shoulder
reading your texts
hearing your calls
Make sure you’re “Certified west”
I keep wondering
“What if?”
“What if?”
“What if?”
Don’t give up I think
no risk.

“Vogue” Me and you,
I can’t bear the thought
of diving into your sweet blue oasis of a mind
shower me in your poverty
your art school of a heart
you loathe the antitheses of me
but what are you?
You are that
defacing yourself
like an infant in a five star restaurant
an animal in a debris ridden cleanse tank
your detox diet body
with no diet since lives passed
one long finger makes you oh so pretty
24 beautiful curves along your chest and torso
you know what they say
an almond a day keeps the manager to stay
you’re so vogue
so alluring.
But who are you pleasing if not yourself?
What’s more important to you?
Beauty to others?
Or love of self?
Fitting into the outline of an aspen
Just cuz they say it’s pretty.
Dancing like stick figures, not for you
but for them.
Beauty isn’t health.
Beauty is no doubt from america.

“Burned in Time” I would much rather spend my life in a tank of striped geckos and spotted snakes
Than go a day without your smiling face
On bleakest of blacks
Where the sun has risen for all except me
When the shadows in corners haunt my mind
Hallucinations galore
Creeping out from below
Your white tinged smile
Glimmering with gusto
Shining into my soul
Like a hollow point bullet
Explodes into me
Taking blackness away
Bringing fear to a hault
Dark corners light up to reveal nothing but empty space
Hallucinations disappear
Freeing my mind of every thought
Except you

“Wasteland High” Slithering pink
makes you shudder
profusion in silence
speak softly in my ear
Nonchalantly cut me off from you
with a gasoline smile and a whiff of smoke
ethereal bliss attained by amnesia
skid row
death row
dead row
existence being snuffed
watch me squirm and shrink and try to live
but friendships die as do I
but needn’t worry
fatally falling a failing
suburbia dreams.

“Staying There” Searching for some nothing,
to build me from this something
white stars burning out
as shallow as souls doubt
propellers crash against the sea
another ocean tragedy
violence play violins
play tifile whims
break heartless limbs
three secret flags
play humble brags
we’re floating and flailing
but falling and failing
atomic bombs break genius souls
in aerate graves
in irate ways
skin turns grey
and life can’t stay

“Rememberful” Go to sleep my little demon
leave your ear piercing shriek behind
I won’t follow you into the wallows below
but I can promise you that the pain in my body, deep in the caves of my heart
creeping in my bones
caused by you
is a shallow reminder of our past
you won’t be forgotten

“Tangent” One day,
when you see those words engraved in stone
chiseled into marble
or burned into wood
you’ll regret it all
you’ll wish you could’ve changed the way you acted
you’ll hope for some kind of retribution
some hope of forgiveness
but it will be too late.
So while we sit here
in the now
you’ll hate this all
blinded by the world
bitter, stagnant frozen words tinged with hatred and snow
you will regret it.

“Ugly” We fronted as if it was our dream
To be together forever is not real
for in death
staying together is increasingly difficult
as the soil settles on top
our hearts and souls they flip and flop
was that dream real enough for you and me?
The casket lid dropped
it’s all I see