Anonymous Sandbox

You might have noticed that we have a new section in the sample code section of our API reference. Say hello to your new Anonymous Sandbox!

We created what we call Anonymous Sandbox to make it easy to try out and explore the functionality of our APIs. You can find your credentials at the top of the page in our API Reference, which allow you to interact with a sandboxed environment without logging in or creating a Square account. We made these credentials persistent, so you should be able to use the exact same credentials the next time you visit the documentation.

Trying it out

You can use the anonymous sandbox credentials just like you would use the production and sandbox credentials for your Square application. Download the client library for your favorite language to add your credentials, or paste them into one of our code samples.

This sandbox is great for trying out API requests just to get the feel of the responses, or to make some API calls and see what you get back, without worrying about breaking anything in one of your “real” environments.

The Anonymous Sandbox is still new, and for now, you can only use it with our V2 APIs. We are working on further integrating it into our sample code and documentation so that developers can get up and running with their integrations as quickly as possible.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the Anonymous Sandbox, and how it’s working for you to test our APIs functionality. Lets us know your thoughts at @SquareDev.

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