Build with Square is creating waves in Australia!

Australian developers are loving our APIs and building all kind of cool apps, and now, two of our largest partners are ready to take payments with Square Down Under.

Since the U.S. launch of Build with Square in March 2016, Square has been committed to bringing our tools to more developers and sellers of all sizes. Our collection of APIs enable developers to build custom solutions for sellers to empower them to run every part of their business in one place. In January 2017, we made our APIs available to Australian developers, giving them the ability to integrate with Square hardware and payments with just a few lines of code. Integrating with Square’s APIs is simple, so developers don’t have to piece together hardware, software and payment services from multiple vendors — they get it all in one place.

Since the launch, our e-commerce API has quickly taken off, and merchants are already using our e-commerce integrations to process payment on their e-commerce site. Other developers have embraced our platform and are building creative apps with the point-of-sale API to help their customers accept payments easily, wherever they are.

SwiftHero, a Melbourne startup, uses Square’s point-of-sale API to facilitate a seamless billing process. By integrating Square’s newly released API, tradespeople can now accept card payments right from within the SwiftHero Pro app.

SwiftHero helps connect tradespeople to consumers and streamline the payment process using Square’s Point of Sale API

In an industry where cash remains king, SwiftHero aims to bring small businesses up to speed with technology. Square’s payments APIs have allowed the company to solve another major issue facing the industry — and equip tradespeople with the tools to survive in a fast-moving economy.

Payment flow within the SwiftHero app

“Square opens up an entirely new world for small businesses.” says Michael Foster, co-founder at SwiftHero. “With SwiftHero and Square, tradespeople can run their whole business from their pocket — paperless and cashless.”

And starting today, two of our largest partners are bringing their Square integration to their point-of-sale apps in Australia. Australian retailers and restaurant owners will now be able to deploy a Vend or TouchBistro point of sale while leveraging Square’s hardware and payment processing services.

Vend of TouchBistro Point of Sale with Square Stand and contactless + EMV reader

We’re proud to empower developers to build tools that can help merchant grow their business — online and off. No matter what you are trying to build, Square has you covered. Learn more about Build with Square.

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