gRPC reaches 1.0

Last year, in collaboration with Google, we introduced gRPC to the world. Internally, the Traffic Engineering team at Square has been working on integrating gRPC with Square’s infrastructure — I recently presented some of our work:

Over the course of a year of active development, we’ve seen a fast-growing community, a repository of contributions, and even get-togethers in meatspace.

Now we’re pleased to announce that gRPC has reached 1.0.

We have a powerful, feature-rich, cross-platform RPC framework backed by a vibrant, active open-source community that is capable of Google-scale performance in a production-ready release. Here’s to the software engineering community never having to implement another bespoke, custom RPC layer for the next decade!

Google has published more details on this release too.

Download, learn about, and contribute to gRPC on We’d love to collaborate with you!

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