Farm To Local by Square Roots — a better way to snack at work.

tobias peggs
Feb 21, 2017 · 2 min read

First there was farm-to-table. Now there’s farmer-to-desk.

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Watch the 2 minute video on Farm to Local by Square Roots

Today Square Roots is launching Farm To Local — a new way to get freshly harvested, tasty greens delivered directly to you by a local farmer.

Anyone in New York City can sign up simply at and become a member of Farm to Local. From there, one of the incredible Square Roots farmer-entrepreneurs will bring a curated selection of their freshest greens directly to your desk at work (or any other community hub you request) on a weekly basis.

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Sylvia — a Square Roots farmer entrepreneur — harvesting in Brooklyn

The greens are delivered in handy grab-bag sizes — making them a perfect snack, or the basis of a healthy, tasty, single portion meal.

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Handy grab-sized bags of freshly harvested greens

Unlike most super market food, which has typically been traveling for weeks before you buy it, Square Roots farmer-entrepreneurs can harvest the same day as delivery — meaning our food is ultra fresh and absolutely delicious.

That’s in part because our farm is located in the middle of Brooklyn, and is indoors. We can grow gmo-free, spray-free, super tasty food all year round — even when there’s two feet of snow on the ground. You’ve never tasted anything like it.

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It’s always in season indoors…

A real food revolution is coming — even Fox News is on the case! We hope you join us.

Square Roots

An indoor urban farming company, connecting people in cities to local, real food.

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