Ain’t Done Yet

Trump may be “down,” but that is when he rebounds best.

Chaos. That’s how President Trump wins. On the campaign trail, he jumped from scandal to scandal, but never let the media settle on one. It is almost fair to say that he supplied too much ammunition. The Clinton campaign, news media, and voting public could not nail down a salient point to summarize Trump.

That is why there has to be a sense of vigilance that was not present on the campaign trail. Every single issue has to sear into the memories of voters, and the Democrats need to pick one and stick with it. That is how they brought Hillary down.

Trump actually may be benefitting from his scandal-ridden first month. He can lock down his core group of supporters with claims of “fake news” and “dishonest media.” He will say that unless it comes from the mouth of THIS President, you cannot believe it. There is a very clear formula to the President’s madness that he may not recognize, but it is as Trump as bad hair.


Trump feeds on controversy. He subscribes to the view that there is no such thing as bad press, and it has carried him to new heights. Trump uses his hunger to seek out more attention. The bigger the scale, the better. It doesn’t matter how he gets that attention. He just has to get it.

Want to convince everyone you are the quintessential businessman? Get a tv show and be loud about it.

Want to get even more tv time? Bash the news networks.

Want tabloids to put your face in every grocery store? Make an obscene comment.

Want to win the White House? Insult every possible non-white group in your announcement.

It is a bright part of his strategy. If Trump can overwhelm his audience with so much information that they cannot process it thoroughly, he can create the narrative.


Step in the ocean of Trumpism, and you can drown quickly. The President is an expert at taking supporters from testing the waters to swimming in them.

Trump’s speech at CPAC is a perfect example of this. Subtle nods to the gold standard, “admiration” of the media, and brandishing his electoral college victory are now staples of his approach. If you say something enough times, it’ll eventually appear to be true.

That is why President Trump is using the power of his office to purvey his falsehoods. One step too far, and you’re underwater.


He is down, but not out.

Tape comes out that shows Trump bragging about sexually assaulting a woman? Rebut, and distract.

Attack a fellow Republican candidates’ wife? Take it personally and divert blame.

Prime a presidential campaign for the largest loss since Reagan or H.W. Bush? Double down on negative messaging and attack your opponent.

President Trump isn’t Teflon. He is something tougher, stranger, and more malleable. His correction comes in response to his “enemies.” His breakeven point comes when the news media picks up the sent of blood. His rebound comes full circle when he can create chaos.

Trump’s address to Congress is scheduled for 9 pm tonight, and it will be indicative of what is to come. Will he temper himself or double down on hardline policies? The answers come in a matter of hours.

Watch for this strategy hidden just under the surface of his speech. It could appear all over the map, but that is just overflow. The President may throw meat to his base or paint our “national enemies” in a more negative light, and that is the undertow. Then he will outline plans that will “succeed” in saving us from this “American Carnage.” There is your redemption.