Consider the Consequences of a Trump Administration

By: Katie Maley

We’ve all heard a lot about Donald Trump’s uncanny success throughout the 2016 presidential election. Despite his vast collection of controversial and often offensive remarks, Mr. Trump continues to solidify his support as seen through recent polls in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada to name a few. It seems Americans are intrigued by his confidence and strong ability to command attention. However, one must wonder if voters are confusing suspenseful entertainment with legitimate political ideas and substance. As the Republican nomination grows closer and closer, Americans must consider — what would be the real consequences of a Trump administration?

It is crucial Americans remember that international policy and domestic leadership, two essential aspects of the presidency, are far more delicate than television interviews and social media. Donald Trump may be able spew slander and arrogant insults at his opponents on debate stages and during campaign rallies, but if a United States president were to act in such a way with global adversaries, the result for all Americans would be catastrophic.

Take the example of Donald Trump expressing he’d “like to punch [a protestor] in the face” (Robbins). In the context of a heated rally these comments may be amusing, but a presidential candidate should never express such language. There is a certain comfort in trusting that any sitting American president maintains decorum and courtesy in political conversation to ensure the impending stability and safety of our nation’s livelihood. However, Donald Trump has given no indication that he will be in any way respectful to challengers of his administration — the innocent protestor is just one example.

Also, sitting presidents do not have the luxury of simply dismissing challenging discussions to make a point, as Donald Trump did by skipping the January 28th Republican presidential debate, or deeming a topic stupid or pathetic — as he has done continuously throughout this race. In the modern world, progress arrives through dialogue and cooperation with respect to your opponent, concepts to which Donald Trump shows little interest.

Luckily, the stakes have been relatively low so far. Donald Trump can act in a ridiculous, theatrical manner on television while avoiding direct and immediate international consequences. However if elected, Donald Trump cannot display such unprofessional, bombastic decorum throughout international relations without jeopardizing the security of the United States.

American voters must remember that Donald Trump’s flagrant disregard for the ideas of others is not a value that the United States was founded upon. In a democratic nation, reliant on the system of checks and balances, Americans must consider how the perpetually ego centric Trump would sharply damage the political system as we know it. The role of Commander in Chief is complex — perhaps placing a hotheaded real estate mogul in the Oval Office may not “Make American Great Again” at all.

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