Trump Campaign Manager: Clinton Could Have Put Us Away

A new lease on life in Trump HQ.

Donald Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway saw a fast end for the Republican candidate, but now sees new opportunites for success.

The Trump campaign has had a rough past couple of weeks, but they are finding their footing in a couple places. This is not to suggest that they are without bumps and gaffes along the path to a more stable campaign.

Conway said that it was a mistake to keep Clinton in “hiding” during the Trump rough patches.

“Scarcity benefits Hillary Clinton. If you don’t see her, you forget she’s running. And you think the entire election is a referendum on Donald Trump,” Conway said.

The new Trump campaign head then turned her fire on the Democratic nominee’s apparent refusal to hold a press conference.

“Why is the press OK with that? And they truly are,” Conway said. “Two hundred and sixty days, you could have had a baby by then.”

Conway is correct that it has been over 260 days since the last Clinton press conference.

This focus on Clinton comes as a welcome surprise to GOP establishment members as the finals days of the Paul Manafort era of Trump came to a close. Conway rose to the top spot of campaign manager, and co-founder of conservative news outlet Breitbart News, Stephen Bannon, is now campaign CEO.

Conway entered the 2016 election season as a Cruz super-PAC leader, but joined the Trump campaign as an adviser earlier in the summer. She sees the next weeks and months leading up to election day as a second lease on life for the campaign following a rough two weeks.

“We’ll look back at these two weeks … and say: ‘Why in the world didn’t Hillary Clinton’s campaign totally put us away,’” she said. “I think they made a grievous error by not having her go over to the Middle East and meet with the troops or make major policy speeches.”

“The next two weeks we’re going to be talking about the polls tightening,” Conway predicts. The polls have the opportunity to get the ball rolling again in Trump HQ.