Military Spouses are Rocking #Momlife While Also Having a Career

Michelle Penczak
Oct 8 · 5 min read

Military spouses have faced an unemployment and underemployment crisis for decades. In addition to that, we have been severely penalized for not only our status as a military spouse but even more so as mothers. It’s extremely difficult to find a flexible, remote, and portable career that can travel with us as the military moves us around the country and abroad.

Affordable childcare is also an issue that affects military spouses from being able to work outside of the home, therefore, increasing the necessity for a career that supports not only military life, but also motherhood. Work from home careers are a perfect fit for the unique lifestyle of military spouse moms and Squared Away is providing a perfect solution for those who desire to have a career as a Chief Executive Assistant.

Chief Executive Assistant Melissa and her family.

Skillsets of Military Spouse Moms

Multi-tasking is one major skill that military spouse moms have mastered. Running a household, having a career, and taking care of young children shows that we have what it takes to manage multiple tasks daily. This comes in handy as a Chief Executive Assistant since responsibilities usually vary from day to day. Military spouses are also resourceful and know how to conduct research to find the necessary information. It’s what we have to do continuously as we move from place to place. We are forced to rebuild networks and support systems for our families. Also, military spouse moms are naturals when it comes to project management. After all, time and time again we must step in and resume the head of household position while our spouses are deployed or away for training. This requires the ability to manage multiple tasks for our family, which makes us a perfect match as a Chief Executive Assistant.

Photo by Timothy Ellis @_jdte

Career and Motherhood

Like many other military spouses, I have had to say goodbye to a career due to relocating with my spouse. That is never easy, especially when you have spent almost a decade with an employer. Since then, I have sent countless resumes to employers, had multiple interviews, and was forced to work in a career field that was a ten-year leap backward in compensation as well as position level. This is also a very familiar story for military spouses. We desire to be compensated accordingly, especially when we have spent years studying to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and higher.

As I began to prepare myself for motherhood throughout this year, having a career was also something I had to think about. How would I be able to work, while also taking care of a baby? Working from home seemed like the only option that would also allow me to raise my child, with the flexibility I needed to be supermom. I began to rethink my career path and searched for something that would be a good fit for motherhood, while also using my skills and degrees. I stumbled across a job posting in a Facebook group that looked extremely appealing. It was an advertisement for a part-time Chief Executive Assistant that offered a work from home option and the flexibility of schedule I was looking for. I applied and was set up for an interview very quickly. The interview process progressed rapidly and I was offered a job!

When I joined this team in May, I was six months pregnant. I was so afraid of letting my status be known due to fear that I would be judged and looked at as incapable. However, that was not the case. At Squared Away, motherhood is celebrated. I have been supported, encouraged, and empowered as a professional, new mom, and as a military spouse. There are also other seasoned as well as new moms that are part of this team, too. I am surrounded by a huge camaraderie of strong military spouses who are rocking #momlife while still having a career. It’s extremely inspiring to have such a large network of other professional military spouse moms around me who understand military life, motherhood, and the desire to grow as a professional Chief Executive Assistant. Squared Away has given all of us a chance to contribute to our households while having the flexibility needed for military life and motherhood.

Chief Executive Assistant and Team Lead Miranda.

How can you become a Chief Executive Assistant with Squared Away?

Squared Away’s current opening.
  • The first step in joining this amazing team is to review the requirements below.
  • Next, send your resume to
  • If you are a good fit, you will be contacted to complete a series of tests and interviews.
  • Then, if you are chosen, a job offer will be made and you will be set up for onboarding.
  • Once you have passed training, you will be set up with a client once a match has been determined between a client’s needs and your skillset.

About the writer

Wendi Iacobello is a new mom, has been an Army wife for three and a half years and part of military life for five and a half years. She spent nine years as an adult educator, has a Master of Arts in Educational Media, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. Her teaching career includes; Middle and High School Special Education, Correctional Education, and Community College Instruction in Early Childhood Education, Compensatory Ed, as well as Adult Basic Education. Currently, she is Chief Executive Assistant, a blogger, freelance writer, aqua cycling instructor, and an avid volunteer in the local Fort Bragg community. Wendi is extremely passionate about helping others find their inner strength by sharing her experiences, insight, resources, and inspirational stories on her blog Strength4Spouses.

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Military Spouse Chief Executive Assistants For Your Team.

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