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15 things I wish I knew about securing my AWS account

Good for intermediate level AWS users, going beyond the standard suggestions, note on conformance packs and aws config rules for MFA was good.

Application integration patterns for microservices

One of the implications of applying the microservices architectural style is that a lot of communication between components is done over the network. To achieve the promises of microservices, this communication needs to happen in a loosely coupled manner. In this session, learn fundamental application integration patterns based on messaging and connect them to real-world use cases in a microservices scenario. The session also describes benefits that asynchronous messaging can have over REST APIs for communication between microservices.

Ignite migration and modernization with DevSecOps (FIRST 15 MINS)

Companies employ DevOps practices to expedite production of new application features and accelerate migration to AWS through better collaboration and automated testing. The challenge for many organizations is getting application features delivered at a fast pace while embedding needed security at the speed of DevOps. In this session, learn how AWS users, together with third-party solutions from AWS Marketplace, easily turn the idea of DevSecOps into well-orchestrated operating models. Hear how Silicon Valley Bank used third-party software to improve performance, availability, and security while migrating and modernizing their applications.

Amazon’s culture of innovation

Amazon has a peculiar culture and approach to innovation that is intrinsically linked to how it uses technology. In this session, learn how Amazon innovates, organized around four interdependent elements: culture, mechanisms, architecture, and organization. Attend to learn more about Amazon leadership principles, “working backwards,” and “two-pizza teams.”

Securing protected health information and high-risk datasets (Trump style pitch)

Join this session featuring Jonathan Cook, Chief Technology Officer at Arcadia, for a discussion around securing mission-critical and high-risk datasets such as personal health information (PHI) in the cloud. Learn how Arcadia developed a HITRUST CSF-certified platform leveraging AWS technology that enabled both the high performance and high scalability needed to support petabytes of data Arcadia manages on over 100 million patients. Discover how Arcadia accomplished this while ensuring that all data was adequately protected in compliance with stringent HITRUST certification requirements.

Open-source observability at AWS (confused by the choices of open source stacks — Advanced session)

Hear from a CNCF SIG observability (o11y) member on the state of open-source o11y on AWS. From the Fluent Bit-based FireLens to Prometheus metrics in Amazon CloudWatch to OpenTelemetry, there is a lot to discuss and show in the context of microservices, containers, and serverless compute.

Swiitch to 20 mins

Observability workshop link

Monolith to serverless SaaS: Migrating to multi-tenant architecture (look at it as layers and start moving layer by layer — logs, metrics, silos, etc)

Many organizations begin their journey to SaaS with a single-tenant monolithic architecture. Their goal is to transform these systems into modern, multitenant serverless systems that can realize all of the cost, scale, and agility benefits that SaaS environments demand. In this session, dig into the details of this transformation, exploring approaches to incrementally decompose your monolith into serverless microservices. Also learn how tenancy is introduced into your new microservices, pushing tenants for logging, metrics, and data partitioning and tenant isolation into AWS Lambda layers. The goal is to outline an evolutionary approach that guides your path to a serverless SaaS model.

Securing your Amazon ECS applications: Best practices

With Amazon ECS, you can run your containerized workloads securely and with ease. In this session, learn how to utilize the full spectrum of Amazon ECS security features and its tight integrations with AWS security features to help you build highly secure applications.



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