2019, The Year of Simple

Photo by Galina N on Unsplash

We have all heard the buzz words that have made their way into trendy living. Words like downsizing, natural living, green living and personal favorite, minimalist lifestyle.

I took a look at the reasons behind the popularity of these ideas about lifestyle. The common thread is to live with less equals living with less stress. The accumulation of stuff is an anchor, it ties people down. It is the complete opposite to the old idea of keeping up with the Joneses or Smiths. Having things is not the goal with this kind of thinking.

I have decided to use the new year as a launch pad for an experiment. I am calling it the Year of Simple. I am going to attempt to simplify my life. I have started along this path a couple of years ago, actually. I was forced due to a life change to give up some frivolous things I was used to having because of a financial setback.

My plan for 2019 is simple.

  1. If a thing, food, or service does not bring me joy or if I do not cherish it, I will remove it from my life.
  2. I will only do the tasks that are necessary or bring peace and happiness to my life.

These are not resolutions. These are steps to simple.

Here’s to The Year of Simple.

~Lori O’Gara

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