Announcing Squidex Identity: Authentication on top of Squidex

Authentication is hard. You have to handle single sign on, encryption, multiple platforms and client, two-factor-authentication, password management, recovery emails, general security and many more things. Fortunately there are best practices and standards, for example OAuth2 and Open ID Connect. And there are great open source solutions, such as Keycloak and SaaS solutions like auth0.

If you want to build it by yourself you have IdentityServer 4 and ASP.NET Core Identity for C# developers and I am sure that other development environments have similar solutions. You just have to put everything together. No rocket science but you still have to spend a lot of time to get a smooth solution.

I have done it for you. Squidex Identity is an open source identity service that is built on top of Squidex.

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Squidex works as a database for your settings and users. We will provide a solution for you to create all necessary schemas with a few clicks and you can enrich the schema with custom fields, for example profile information about your users.

You will be able to connect Squidex identity with any Squidex instance, either hosted or to the Squidex Cloud.

Furthermore we also put all the options to a schema:

  • Logo, site name and footer text
  • External authentication providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter…)
  • Links to your privacy policy and legal terms.
  • Link to custom bootstrap theme or styles and scripts.
  • Credentials to your email server for recovery emails.
  • Email texts

And because of our multi-language feature you can localize a lot of these settings. The design is very lightweight so it does not conflict with your custom theme and is easy to integrate, for example as an iframe.

Check out the source code at Github and provide feedback and stay tuned for the first beta. Please contact us if you need help with hosting.

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