Blog Series: Building a website with a headless CMS, Part 0

Or: How to build the squidex website with squidex CMS.

Squidex is a headless CMS built with ASP.NET Core and MongoDB and of course we also have a website. So far the website is just plain old static HTML. But we want to add more content and make it configurable for non-developers. And of course we use squidex for that. This is post #0 in a new blog series about the journey and experience to improve the squidex website.

Squidex Website

Our scenario is so typical for small companies:

  1. You have a team of experts in programming languages such as java, c# or java script.
  2. You have frontend developers in your team but nobody who is able to implement pixel perfect layouts and no designer.
  3. You have installed and used WordPress or another CMS before but you have no idea how to customize and you have almost no experience in PHP programming.

Therefore many companies outsource the process to design and create the html and CSS to countries like India and I have done the same. More or less. Because my co-founder Qaisar Ahmad is actually from Pakistan and is also a co-founder and owner of the design agency face44. He is very talented and if you need a new product design I would have a look to his portfolio. Highly recommended.

Qaisar designed our website and one of his employees also made the implementation with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My requirement was that the CSS should be built on top of bootstrap and the result I got had a very high quality.

In the first version we just deployed the static HTML and this is where our journey starts.