New feature released: Nested schemas

Today we have released a new feature to define arrays of nested schemas. We have supported references between contents from one of the very first versions. But some content times only exist together with a parent type. In our example we have products — for example t-shirts — and each product has a list of variations, like colors or sizes. The variation can never exist alone because they belong to a specific product. So we can use the array field type for this scenario. Here is how it looks like in the schema editor:

Define the nested schema as array field.

Here is such a product in the content editor:

An example shirt

We also decided to remove GraphQL mutations with this release. This might be frustrating or disappointing for some of you, but the problem is the complexity of GraphQL. It takes a lot of time to maintain multiple endpoints and very often the mutations are left behind. Some of the features are only supported partially and or not supported at all and we do not have the same degree of testing for our GraphQL endpoint because the management UI uses the REST service. In contrast to the queries, which add a lot of new features to Squidex, the mutations provide more or less the same functionality. We have to set priorities and GraphQL mutations slow us down.