The big September update

This month we released a lot of small updates and improvements. Some features are probably from August, but there was so much stuff, that I do not remember it anymore and I have not written about it anyway. So here is the list:

For Developers: Community Updates

We have two community updates from

  1. Updates and fixes for the validation messages:
  2. Improved filtering for schemas. Watch the animations to see the differences:

Thank you very much and I hope that I see more PR in the future.

Statistics by clients

Squidex provides some basics statistics since one of the first versions about the number of API calls and the performance. You can also create different clients and credentials, e.g. a client for a mobile app and another client for your website. We improved this statistics system to provide these numbers per client. The feature was requested by a user who had a bug in one of his clients, which consumed almost all his API calls within a few days and it was hard for him to find out what has happened.

Statistics in the dashboard view

Cloning content items

You can clone content items now and create copies of them. Useful if you want to create variations of content items, e.g. the same product in different colors.

Cloning a content item from the extended menu

Updates to the rule system

We refactored the rule system and made it much easier to write rule actions. In addition of that we also added two rule actions:

  1. Recache pages when you use for your SPA.
  2. Create twitter updates directly from Squidex.

Btw: We also improved the user interface

New actions with the improved user interface

Color picker for string fields

We also added a color picker for string fields. See next screenshot.

List view for assets

One of the major updates is the new list view for assets. It has been added to all screens where assets are used. If you add assets to a content item you can also reorder the assets now when you go to the new list view mode.

Color picker and list view for assets

Filter assets by tags in the asset dialog

When we added tags for assets we have not handled it properly in the asset selector dialog. There was no option to filter assets by tags. The reason was simply that we had no idea how to design the user interface. I think we found a good approach now and added a tag filter to the header. Including auto completion.

The asset filter with autocompletion

For Developers: API improvements

There are two improvements to the API for developers:

  1. Squidex supports the If-None-Match and ETag header now. The API returns the ETag for all GET requests. For single items it is usually the version. For list is is calculated by aggregating the identities and versions of all items and then hash the result. When you specify the If-None-Match header in a GET request and the value matches the resulting ETag the body is omitted and the status code 304 Not Modified is returned. You can serve the results from your cache then and skip the parsing.
  2. The filter system has been improved with IN queries: It can be used when a field must match to one of the specified values. See the examples in the documentation.#

I hope you like the new features as much as we do. Stay tuned for new stuff in October.