Two additions on the Squidex Wall of Awards!

We’d like to share a positive and encouraging development regarding the gradual growth of our product. Squidex recently underwent scrutiny by trusted B2B directory and emerged with very favorable results: a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%. Reviewers cited Squidex as a streamlined content management hub that allows users to have total control over their data/content such as defining structure (Schemas), creating and managing content and assets, and setting validation rules to ensure the consistency of content.

Reviewers also took notice of the many other useful features of our SaaS (Cloud) platform like the user-friendly interface that aids in managing and editing content, it’s really not normal for every Open Source product to have a perfect combination of solid features and also a user friendly interface. The rich API of Squidex supports filtering with OData query as well as integration of content with websites, mobile app or another server application, the possibilities are unlimited. These and other useful functionalities got the thumbs up of experts and conferred on Squidex the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award of FinancesOnline for Best Content Management System. The awards are badges of distinction selectively granted to products that have gained traction with customers because of their robust features and total usability. We are truly honored to be given these recognitions which attest to the performance and capability of Squidex.

Indeed, we’ve designed Squidex to be a most powerful, most stable, open-source headless CMS that makes it easy for users to define, create, and manage content effectively. Unlike a database, Squidex implements business constraints and gives a reliable content distribution system. The surprising thing is that as a result of the awards and positive review, Squidex was elevated in FinancesOnlines elite rankings and is now among its top 10 Content Management Systems. How about that! For others out there who have not experienced how Squidex delivers, no reason for you now not to try one of the highly-rated and ranked SaaS solution for your data/content management needs.

Not to forget, although it’s been a while we are working hard to make Squidex rock! and to create it’s own value, we would say that it’s still just a start of something amazing and future proof experience. We are constantly building new features and improving the UX/UI of our product. So stay tuned and keep checking out our Cloud and OpenSource versions.